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P: My lovely V has been attempting to regularly check her temperature so that we could chart her cycle in preperation of baby making. She has been remembering to check her temperature about 75% of the time, which I am impressed with because I would be awful at remembering to do something before I rolled out of  bed. Since we decided to do the first insemination a few months ahead of schedule, (or about 9 months behind schedule..depending on how you look at it) I had been thinking about purchasing a package of ovulation tests. I didn’t do this originally because they seemed a little pricey for how many tests you get in a package. Which in the grand scheme of getting pregnant, they are actually cheap.  So I am not sure what I was whining about. This evening I told my lovely partner, that  I think  we should buy some tests. After we got home from spending more than I would like to on seven tests, I looked at our calender and realized that she actually probably has already ovulated…..a few days ago. She is acutally on like Cycle day 18 today. I am not sure how the time flew by so fast.

Hmmmmm…….so we are going to be inseminating next month with no real certainty of when she actually ovulates. Fantastic. We of course will use the test strips next month, but I hope we order the metal stork at the right time! I am really glad that we have taken May as our “test” month to work things out.

I am lucky. As I was sitting and thinking about how excited I am that I get to raise a family with her as my partner, she just walked into the bedroom  to bring me a vase full of branches busting with  white blooms from our lilac tree in our backyard. This comes after she has done about five loads of laundry, cooked an amazing bean soup for dinner, made the bed and cleaned this evening. Yes, I am very lucky and blessed and so will our baby.


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2 thoughts on “Ooopps…..

  1. you can get cheapie OPK’s at (i think that’s it). i used them like crazy!

    • alimis on said:

      Thanks Jessie,
      I checked out that sight and bought a bunch of ovulation strips. They were MUCH cheaper than the ones that are in the drugstores.

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