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Avoiding Reality

P: The beginning of this week, V and I had the most wonderful days that were filled with spontaneity.  We woke up Monday morning and decided to go hiking.  Luckily, we live in a state that has lots of  cool State Parks and we choose one that I had never been to, but always wanted to go visit. The weather was absolutely perfect for a day hike! We had the most wonderful time with each other. I love that V and I share a deep love for nature.  Here are a few pictures from our hike.























After we were done with our hike we thought about staying the evening at the lodge at the State Park, but decided against it since we didn’t have any clothes for the next day and our clothes had a substantial amount of mud on them from the trials.   Plus they only had one room left and it was a smoking room…vomit. (I have been a non-smoker for 9 months now and the thought of stale smoke makes me sick) So on our way home we decided to stay overnight in a hotel in the downtown area of our city. As a overnight retreat. It was so much fun and romantic! We got the ideal room that overlooked most of downtown and  park downtown where a bunch of  Bradford Pears were in full bloom!99950002

 In the evening, the Bradford Pears have lights that are laced through the branches. It was gorgeous! After getting settled into the room, we walked to a local popular downtown restaurant that has low lightening, loads of dark natural wood and superb food. We had a great dinner with wine and gin and tonics. After dinner we went back to the hotel and relaxed in the pool and hot tub.

In the morning we took another swim in the pool before we checked out for the day. Since we had someone watching the dogs while we were gone for the night and the next morning we decided to go get lunch. It was very yummy. Next up was to watch a movie. It was cute. Next to the cinemas  is a slew of stores. One store being a Carters store, which was having a 50% off sale.  We bought a super cute little outfit that V picked out.

Next, in search for coffee, we landed up at a wine store for this winery. So, we decided to do a little bit of wine tasting.  We had so much fun with the women working there we ended up tasting each wine they had, plus the sangria she made that morning. She was rather lovely and in the end she didn’t charge us for our tasting.

It was a glorious two days where we just lived minute by minute and did not think about any responsibilities that usually nag us. I loved it and it reminded me of when I was doing my undergrad and had springs days where I was totally out of touch with responsibilities and enjoyed just living.


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2 thoughts on “Avoiding Reality

  1. mommytoo on said:

    hi, i just discovered you two and it sounds like you’re at a wonderful place in your lives. this post really moved me because it’s been a LONG time since my wife and i could be this spontaneous! it’s fantastic that you’re taking advantage of this while you can — all the things you can’t do with a baby, keep doing them now! and enjoy.

    • alimis on said:

      Thanks mommytoo. I am so lucky to have a partner that loves to go out and do things! I am sure things will change somewhat whenever we have a few babies in tow.

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