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P: I was incredibly finicky as a little girl and pretty much insisted that I pick out my own outfits. My mother tells me that I did atleast have good fashion sense. At 28, I am still that same little girl that loved clothes. With the exception that I now get to also decorate my house, which I find pretty fantastic.  So, you can imagine how excited I am about the prospect of getting to buy and choose clothes for another person (since V is not the most cooperative model) AND decorate a room for  a child. Let’s just say that I have used tons of self-restraint to not turn our present guest room into room that is completely filled with baby and toddler items. 

However, I do give in to my cravings  once and awhile and buy something that is one sale or on clearance. I mean, really I am clearly saving us money in the long run…….its all in the rationale.  I ordered this today. It is “The Ultimate Organic Swaddling Blanket” by Swaddle Designs. Super cute and perfect with sage trim since we have already decided against having too many items  that fall into stereotypical gender colors.



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One thought on “Online Ordering

  1. reproducinggenius on said:

    We started buying small baby items when we first started trying to get pregnant (almost two years ago). We bought a really nice box for the items, and we kept it all in our closet. We would take it out when we needed a little “fix,” and we would keep it tucked away when times were hard. It really is great to start early and to have those things to look at for motivation to keep hoping. I imagine you’ll feel the same way.

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