Mommies In The Making

Big Change

P:  This is a big change in our plans and actually an unexpected one. V  has decided that she wants to carry a baby. Ever since we started talking about having children she has been wishy-washy on this subject and never gave a definitive answer.   Since she is older than me, by 6 years, this week we decided that she needs to decide wheter or not she wants to carry one of our children. So, V will now be getting pregnant first! I am super excited about taking care of her and assisting her while she is pregnant. I am looking forward to being able to be part of her pregnancy and share the experience. At the same I do have a bit of sadness, because  for sometime now my mind set has been on me getting pregnant this upcoming fall. Therefore, I have had lots of different emotions this week.

On a different note–We had a great time visiting my family out of town. I am so grateful that V got to meet my grandparents.  Here is a picture that is of us with my grandparents. I love that I now have a picture of V and I with my grandparents.



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