Mommies In The Making

Weekend Outing

P: I am so thrilled because it is going to be absolutely beautiful in my neck of the woods today (74 degrees) and am feeling very spring-like.  This weather also brings the realization that I will need to be doing spring cleaning today. Which I don’t mind to much since I will get to have the windows open.  🙂 The bigger reason that I will be cleaning today is because V’s mom will be coming to let our dogs out while we are out of town

I am pretty much out to about everyone that I know. Which the exception of my Mom’s side of the family. I  never came out to my mom’s side of the fmaily because she did not want my grandparents to know. She believed that this news would be too disturbing to them or something. Of course, I adhered to to my mothers wishes. Since they are her parents  I gave her the final call on this.  My grandparents are now getting older and my grandmother  Alzheimer’s is progressing further and further.  So when, at game night last Saturday, my Mom mentioned that she really wished that V would meet my grandparents I let it mull around for a few days. The end result: We, my immediate family, are all going up to Ohio this weekend to visit with my grandparents.  Ohh, it makes me need to take deep breaths when I think about it. Wish me luck!

On a totally unrelated topic, we have recently decided against using our real names on this blog. As I started writing in the blog, I thought about all the personal information/pictures that would be placed on here over time. Therfore,  I thought it best that we keep our names unknown.  We will mostly going by P and V, as short for our favorite flowers: peony and violet. Which we found suitable since we started this blog because we will soon by growing our little family. 

Yesterday,  I received my basal thermomenter in the mail! We were laying in bed last night and I showed V the thermometer and we were discussing how I need to get a journal for the side of the bed. When everything was so real and it hit me hard and I said “Oh my, this is going to aid us in having a baby!” It was the first tangible conception aiding device that we had. (besides our donors information)

I think the next 6 months are going to fly by.


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